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Anonymous: You guys are srsly the best & I've only heard 3 songs

Thank you Mr or Miss Anonymous.

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posted July 29th 2014
iampizzaslut: saw you guys at The Britisher and i seriously fell in love with you guys. Please come back💖🎶

<3 soon!

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posted July 27th 2014


Keyes | Stream “Sad News In A Quiet Room” ft. Vic Fuentes

Keyes are now streaming a new track of theirs which features Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil. Check it out! 

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posted July 27th 2014 (© fleshandbonemagazine)

"sun please come close
my body needs its home
everyone is out of love
our love is never growing old" — Keyes - Keep Warm (via blackestdespondency)

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posted July 27th 2014 (© blackestdespondency)

"I’m thinking constantly of what we used to be." — Keyes (via mindless-mindless)

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posted July 27th 2014 (© mindless-mindless)
Keyes // Las Vegas, NV

Keyes // Las Vegas, NV

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posted July 13th 2014